Herb van der Saay

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Since 1962, Herb has been painting with a number of Ottawa artists. He studied at the Ottawa School of Art under Bruce Heggtveit, Robert Hyndman and others. His preferred medium is oils and pencil sketching. He is mainly a self-taught artist who enjoys plein-air painting and is inspired by the colours and space of the Canadian landscape. Nature is the ultimate teacher — it teaches us to see colour, light, shadows and shapes and to feel the moment. It is a challenge to put feelings and impressions on canvas and to connect with the viewer.

Olaf Schneider

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Olaf’s first artistic influence was his grandfather, Hurbert Schult. He worked at Porsche in Stutgartt Germany, designing the 911 series. He inspired Olaf with his oil paintings at a very early age, allowing Olaf to experiment with acrylics. While painting large scale billboards in 1986 for Mediacom (currently Outfront Media), Olaf acquired a strong practical foundation that would become integral to his work today. He studied at the Ontario College of Art and Sheridan College and is greatly inspired by his mentors Ron Greig and Norman Rockwell.

For Olaf, each piece represents an intense exploration and refinement of his personal pictorial sensitivities, especially as they relate to beauty, form, light, and shade. Composition, color, and craftsmanship are all elements that become the building blocks of his work. Olaf is a prolific painter who is inspired by the power and diversity of the northern landscape, and anything that needs a “second look.”  An explorer by nature, he travels across North America and Europe to gain inspiration.

“Each dab I make is stimulated by the details that I observe. I hope to see what others miss and then make it compelling. I push and alter the colors to suit my ravenous needs and I love to improvise on the spot.” — Olaf. 

Bev Durand

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Like most children, Bev loved to draw, paint and make things. Wax crayons, pencil crayons, paper, glue and scissors were her first art supplies. Then she inherited an unopened set of oil paints from her oldest sister. She made several little paintings on canvas board and then she was hooked.

After high school, she went to Algonquin College in Ottawa and studied Graphic Art. She worked as a Graphic Artist for a time and then decided to return to school and study Fine Art. She graduated from The Ontario College of Art with a focus on drawing and painting. She has always loved the tactile experience of handling oil paint, applying it onto canvas, feeling the spring between brush and support, and directing the paint, thin and thick to see an image emerge.

Sometimes she paints on location, but mostly she paints in the studio.
She will often sketch on location and take photographs of her subjects. Then she returns to the quiet of her studio to work out compositions using the preliminary reference material.

Bev has exhibited paintings in solo and group shows in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Bev belongs to “The Bottom Line” drawing group, which is a weekly figure drawing workshop and currently resides in Ottawa.

Johanna Jansen

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The balance between tension, stillness, movement, expansion, volume as natural forces continue to feed Johanna’s inspiration. This balance is under continual stress as humans relentlessly assert and exert their power to manipulate the physical and cultural forces which shape our world. As research continues to show, the effects may seemingly be innocent and of little consequence; however, slowly the earth and its many cultures are being forced to change and establish new boundaries.  Environmental climate change and the #MeToo movement are recent examples of nature and cultures responding to these abuses of power.

Johanna’s ceramic works involve methods to investigate contemplation and reflection of these forces on a smaller scale. These methods reflect and connect the four elements of life: earth, wind, fire and water with an awareness of the limitations and control she has over the process. The immediacy of unforeseen outside influences when firing ceramic works is somewhat related to the natural world reacting to the unknown effects of extreme uses of technology and carbon.

The markings created during these firing are sometimes delicate, fleeting and may suggest the impermanence of a state of being or a frame of mind. However, the tactile surfaces of these works attest that a transformation is occurring – this time caused by the very elements previously subjected and controlled by others.

Linda Bergeron Baril

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Linda, originally from the Mauricie Region of Quebec, now resides in the picturesque town of Pontiac in the Outaouais Valley.  With her studio located on the banks of the Ottawa River, Linda is constantly inspired and dedicates herself to her full time passion of painting.

A self-taught artist, Linda has taken several art courses and workshops to further her skills and knowledge. She is constantly developing her artistic journey by participating in various workshops, nationally: Gatineau, Baie-Saint-Paul, The Laurentians,Cape-Breton as well as internationally: The International ICSCIS Tuscany school in Italy and Slikamilina Painting Tours in Croatia.  Over the years, she has acquired a plethora of Plein Air painting experience by joining groups such as Plein Air Ensemble Ottawa.  She also travels yearly throughout Canada and the United States in her motor home always sketching along the way.

Her work has been displayed in prestigious galleries such as Koyman’s Gallery on St-Laurent blvd., the Gordon Harrison Gallery on Sussex Street in Ottawa, as well as galleries in Old Montreal and Quebec City.  Linda’s paintings are presently shown at beautiful and charming Rothwell Gallery on Montreal Road, Ottawa. Numerous pieces of her works hang in private collections all over Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

She works colourfully and diversely using a range of media, including oils, watercolours, felt pen, acrylics, and oil pastels.  She also uses many techniques, such as alla prima, impasto, sgraffito, scumbling; and various tools – palette knives, brushes and fingers.

Her textures are smooth and expressive, allowing her to assert a personal signature. Very recognizable, her distinctly unique style flows loosely with expressive spontaneity and grace through the lines and forms, creating still life, landscapes, and figures.  One can feel her Joie de vivre and Romantic penchant.

Linda was awarded the “Favorite of the jury” prize in 2003 in Gatineau, and in 2009  the “Public Choice Award” also in Gatineau which was highlighted in the following newspapers: Le Droit, The Citizen, The Equity and the Pontiac Journal.

Linda has travelled extensively and lived in many places, including Québec, Toronto, Dartmouth, St-Jean-sur-le Richelieu, Germany and France.

Latest news: Linda has been part of the Canadian Delegation of International Artists chose, to  show  her paintings at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris in December 2017.

Virginia Dupuis

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Working in the traditional medium of oil, Virginia takes a macroscopic view, often at a scale larger than life, and strives for a strong tactile quality, while building up layers of paint. Her work suggests a narrative around such subject matter as the handcrafts of tatting, knitting or crocheting, to the tangled foliage, stems and fruit of the growth pattern in nature.

Virginia is a graduate of the 3 year Fine Arts Diploma at the Ottawa School of Art. She refined her oil painting practice by completing two Advanced Studios in oil painting, as well as two Apprenticeships in oil painting with a concentration into colour theory. Virginia has won numerous juror’s awards and grants from both the AOE Arts Council and the Ontario Arts Council. She was invited by Artspace613 to create an installation for Ontario2017 Culture Days.

Virginia, a local artist who lives and paints in Blackburn Hamlet, is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists.

“I respect perseverance, patience and resilience and am drawn to a subject by its beauty, colour and rhythm. Exploring colouristically the drama in patterns, suggestive of creation, growth and endurance, allows me to see beauty in the ordinary.” — Virginia

Sylvie Provost

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Painter Sylvie Provost lives and works in Huberdeau, a municipality located in the Laurentians. Ever since her youth, creativity has always been part of her life. Interior decorating and sewing are the creative practices that will eventually lead her towards painting. She will follow several trainings with renowned painters. Her goal was to know several mediums to have a greater knowledge of her art. This brought her to discover acrylics as her medium of choice.

Since the year 2000, she has participated in several exhibitions in Canada, New York and Spain. In 2003, she participated in the Regional Museum of Argenteuil Symposium. Her pieces are sold throughout the world and are part of various public and private collections.

Artist Approach

“For more than twenty years, my passion for art has been transposed into visual art, especially painting. I also experimented with sculpture, but my true calling is painting. For years now, I’ve worked with several mediums such as pastels, charcoal, casein, oil paints, watercolors and mixed techniques to finally direct my art toward acrylic which is my favorite medium. Colors fascinate me, I like playing with the possibilities they offer me. Colorist by instinct, it is with great strokes of the spatula, directed here and there, that the pigments are placed on my canvas as an emotion that leads me to feel all the vibrations that surround me. I transpose this energy in my paintings through the bright colors that I use and the whimsical characters and flower bouquets that I create. I use a diversified palette but the texture and the research of the color and its pairings are very important in my creation process. This action, which in a theatrical movement brings me to total freedom, is a vital need for me.” –

Hilde Lambrechts

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Hilde was born in Belgium (St-Truiden, 1961) and became a Dutch citizen (in 1982) until she made the best decision in her life and obtained Canadian citizenship in 2015. Having a background in science (PhD biology, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1993) art was not on her radar till 1999, when she started carving stone as a hobby. While mainly self-taught, Hilde attended a few stone sculpting workshops with Thea de Waard in the Netherlands. Once settled in Canada, art became a life-saver. She first enrolled in ‘Figure Drawing and Painting’ with Pamela Cockcroft-Lasserre (2007-2009) and later in ‘Ceramic Sculpture’ with Jim Thomson (2009-2011) at the Ottawa School of Art. Intrigued by the wonderful possibilities of the human figure, she founded — a not-for-profit organisation promoting visual art of the human form in all media (April 2010). As the President of this organization (2010-2016), she organized 7 juried award shows in Ottawa, which now attract professional artists from across Canada and abroad.


Today, she is still functioning as the curator of Figureworks. It was the late Jim Thomson who “infected” her with the clay bug, for which there is no cure. As a visual artist, Hilde has chosen ceramic sculpture, with an emphasis on ceramic installations, as her main discipline; for her, art is a conversation and her artistic expression changes with the topic of that conversation. Since 2012, Hilde has worked as a full-time artist in her home studio and became a finalist of the RBC/CAO emerging artist award in the same year. In 2016, she became an active member of the Ottawa Guild of Potters, as its secretary and designer of ‘Populace’, a large outdoor art installation in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

Hilde’s work has been shown in both solo- and (juried) group exhibits, including the New York Art Expo and the Canadian Gallery of Clay and Glass in Waterloo, Ontario. Her work is in private collections in Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada, as well as in the collection of Global Affairs Canada; ‘The Bark Archive’ is on permanent display at the Canadian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium.

“Through beautiful visual stimulation I aim to open up minds of others and increase empathy, which is the key to peaceful solutions and tolerance.” — Hilde

Everist Prokofiev

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Everist was born Everist was born in Torun, Poland in 1959. He and his family left Poland when he was six years old, settling in Toronto, Canada. He was immersed in the visual arts and music throughout his childhood and developed his love for the fine arts at a very young age. Experiencing pressure from his family, to follow in the musical footsteps of his great uncle, Sergei Prokofiev, Everist found that he was much more comfortable composing on canvas. Attending the Ontario College of Art for four years, Everist continued to hone his artistic skills by enrolling in private painting lessons. He received much recognition and numerous awards before he reached 18 years of age.  After a long career in the Automotive and Home Renovation Industries, Everist now has the freedom to follow his creative dreams. He has cultivated his passion by painting under the instruction of several well-established Canadian and International artists. He has travelled extensively across Canada. The diverse and magnificent Canadian landscape continues to provide him with a limitless source of inspiration. His travels from British Columbia to Newfoundland and from the Arctic to the distant shores of the Caribbean re-sparked Everist’s creative instincts. Observing nature while spending time in the great Canadian wilderness has magnetized Everist to his canvas. He always travels with his easel and box of paints in hand. In 2016, Everist was chosen to be part of the Canadian delegation, representing Canada, at the 6 th  Edition of “ Artistes Du Monde Cannes, Exposition International” in Cannes France. This was a major turning point for Everist, expanding his creativity onto the world stage.     Everist and his family now reside in Southern Ontario, making his favourite inspirational landscapes, Algonquin Park, Georgian Bay and the rolling Hills of Caledon, easily accessible. In the summer months, he and his family reside in the mountains of Charlevoix Quebec, a place that over the past 100 years, has been a favourite destination for many of Canada’s renowned painters. Everist is very involved in the Arts community. He is a member of several Art Societies in Ontario and Com2Art association in France. He teaches classes and holds palette knife painting seminars for all ages and skill levels, believing that awareness through education will ensure the longevity of the fine arts. Everists paintings adorn the walls of private homes and are found in corporate collections across North America, The Caribbean and Europe.

Lise Massicotte

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Born in Amos, Abitibi, Lise attended l’Institut des arts appliqués in Montreal. She then spent some time in Alberta, continuing studies in art and photography at the University of Edmonton. A long journey, with a thousand jobs along the way, allowed her to explore different artistic media such as theatre set design, journalistic graphics and layout, and the management of an art and craft gallery.

In 1995, after twenty years of working in black and white, the exploration of colour took centre stage in the form of watercolor painting. Lise strives to break away from the rigidity of her graphic design background by exploring the fluidity and emotions in this medium. Recently, acrylic inks have captured her interest, resulting in stunning creations both figurative and non-figurative. On her palette, the colours are very intense, and play with the contrast of textures according to the energy needed to give light to the work. With the fondest of exceptions for all things avian, Lise’s long-time passion is for trees, those giant witnesses of our presence on this earth, and the forest, sleeping and waking to the voice of light.