Jim Leach

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Jim’s interest in art was inspired by his grandfather who was a landscape artist in Quebec. This, combined with Jim’s love of the countryside and nature, has created a passion for landscape painting that allows Jim to express the beauty of the natural world through his art work.

In Jim’s words, “Painting landscapes is a wonderful medium to allow one to appreciate the hidden colours that can be found in nature.”

Jim’s landscape paintings reflect a bold, impressionist style, using vibrant colours to express the rich beauty of the Canadian landscape. Jim is continually inspired by the works of Tom Thomson, The Group of Seven and Rene Richard.Jim and his wife Carol live in Ottawa and have a son, Gregory,  daughter, Andrea, two granddaughters Noelle and Amelia, and Mazy the dog. Jim’s landscape paintings are primarily scenes from the Eastern Townships region of Quebec and the Ottawa/Gatineau area. He is predominately a “plein air” painter and enjoys the solitude of painting in situ. Even if he is without his paints, Jim always travels with a sketch book: “I seem to be able to recollect where and when each sketch was done and what the weather conditions were at the time.”

Fraser Radford

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“My current artistic practice explores elements of chance and experimentation in painting. For my ‘What A Drag’ series, I am interested in experimenting with the effects of colour and the random application of paint on canvas using different objects. For the creative process of each painting, I throw paint onto the canvas.

“Next, I use different tools — like rulers, sticks, pieces of cardboard, and squeegees — to drag the paint around the canvas in multiple directions to create new images, shapes and colours, drawing upon a history of abstract painting.

“This process — where I choose how the paint should be dragged on the canvas, which colours to use, and figuring out when the piece can be considered ‘finished’ — is, for me, cathartic and challenging . The resulting images, which are abstract in appearance, shift between the haunted and delicate.” Kingston-area artist Fraser Radford has worked with galleries and museums in Kingston, Toronto and Brockville, and has apprenticed with Shayne Dark, one of Canada’s prominent sculptors. He holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Art History, with a minor in Religious Studies, from Queen’s University; a Fine Arts diploma from St. Lawrence College, Brockville ON; and a post-graduate certificate in Studio Process Advancement from the Haliburton School of the Arts.His work is held in private collections and has been exhibited in numerous group shows across Ontario and the United States. He has also been published in several magazines across Canada and the U.S. Fraser was born in Brockville ON in 1987.

Irena Sherstyuk

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Irena Sherstyuk is a Canadian modern artist who creates dazzling abstract works using her own unique expressive technique. She was born and raised in Ukraine, not far from the Black Sea. Irena took her first formal art classes when she was 10 years old where she learned composition, drawing and painting. From that moment, Irena knew she was meant to paint. However, Irena’s painting took a back seat to a teaching career, where she spent an engaging 15 years. Moving to Canada opened a whole new door for Irena, exposing her to new fascinating styles and opportunities.

Irena’s signature use of various gel mediums and modeling pastes, with the addition of thick application of paint creates her unique unforgettable texture.
Irena currently lives in Ottawa, Canada and dedicates herself to her passion on a full-time basis. Her works are being shown in galleries, businesses and exhibitions with her commissions being spread across private collections in Canada, United States and Europe.

“True art makes us feel alive, touches the most intimate strings in our hearts and inspires us to feel music in our souls. Every canvas is a combination of vibrant , bold, optimistic and comforting colors that translate my emotions and reflect my personality. I express my feelings through my art and it makes me very happy to hear someone say that my art brings them joy and harmony.” — Irena

Danielle Cloutier

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The youngest in a family of five children, Danielle was born Aprist 1st, 1959 in Ottawa. She is the daughter of an agriculturist from the Byward Market. Her parents Lorenzo and Therese provided considerable support in her artistic endeavours. Her personal growth evolved under the guidance of Mrs.

Willamina Pinkus as the drawing and painting teacher and Ms. Colliers as the figure drawing teacher in the Fine Arts Department of Ottawa’s High School of Commerce. With dreams of fulfillment, she absorbed her surroundings and proceeded to imitate her older brother’s detailed artwork. At age thirteen she won her first international competition in Menneapolis, Minnesota. This first accomplishment led to her decision to become a Fine Artist. Soon afterwards, her first art show the the Federation des femmes candiennes-francaises in Ottawa’s St. Laurent was succesful. This further inspierd her to express her style in her art work.Danielle has exhibited her works over the years in the Ottawa region and has won many firtst place titles in art shows. She has been featured in the Ottawa Valley Guide for all artists in the Ottawa region. Her works have been displayed in several publications and magazines such as Folkart and Parkhurst Exchange.She lives in the “deep woods” of East Aldfield Qhebec where she is currently building a stone cottage which includes an artificial handmade lake named “Lily Francine” in her sisters’s memory.

John Alexander Day

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“Plain Air” painting has been the main source of inspiration for all of John’s artwork. Whether the subject matter has been in the streets or in the countryside, John has always sought to capture the atmosphere of each location. Whether he paints in North America or Europe, or closer to home, he always seeks to leave the viewer with a sense of place. Witnessing nature first hand, and working right there, gives him a certain freedom to paint without any pre-conceived notions. In this way he is not bound by the formulas that can easily creep into one’s work.


John is drawn to capturing a particular light or atmosphere. An overcast or sunny day, the changing light effects, the the sound of the ocean spray against rock or the quiet waters of a lake or river, keep him motivated. In his own way, John hopes to continue the tradition of making the viewer look again at what might be an ordinary scene, transformed through light and atmosphere. Often times, weather will dictate how John will pack for a trip outdoors, the winter, or on very windy conditions and so he prefers to work on a smaller scale.

Yong Suksamran

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Yong Suksamran was born in Thailand but has lived for many years in New Zealand where he currently resides. For several years he lived in Ottawa where he was inspired by the beauty of the city. His background is in post-graduate fashion design and tecnology which has given him his inspiration for colour and texture. Techniques that he learned with fabrics have led to skills in drawing and colour mix.”I love bright colours. It is a challenge to create an oil painting but I get enormous satisfaction from seeing the painting come alive on the canvas.

I spend time thinking and researching my subject and themes so that my paintings are unique and striking to the eye. In many of my oil paintings, your eye can rove across the canvas and focus on different details. Hopefully you get the sparkle or dance that comes from what you see and what is delightful. The richness of the texture and using shade and colour to best advantange is what I like about oil painting.

Henriette Ethier

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Henriette Ethier  (1950) was born in Dalkeith Ontario. Ethier has participated in over 70 solo and group shows since 1975.  Her works have been shown in Ontario, Quebec, Germany and Chili.  Many of her works are part of private and public collections: (Embassade de l’État du Koweit in  Ottawa, La maison de la Culture in Gatineau and the University of Ottawa.Henriette Ethier has a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts and a Masters degree in Education both completed at the University of Ottawa.  Throughout the years she saw the need to pursue various courses and workshops in art to complement and nourish her knowledge and refine her skills in different fields of the artistic landscape.

This has incontestably sharpened her perception of today’s artistic debates and trends.  (Western Technical collegiate in Toronto and The Ottawa School of Arts…drawing, sculpture, painting, photography, cinema and animation films).     Ethier candidly expresses that she has learned much from the young students and adults she has encountered during her 35 years as an art teacher.  She has also given various art workshops throughout Ontario.  She admits that teaching art occupied much of her time but did not inhibit her production as a professional artist. This Ottawa artist is a member of several art associations such as BRAVO (Bureau des regroupements des artistes visuels de l’Ontario), la GNO, (Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario).Ethier presently lives in Ottawa and maintains an active production.  Photography, painting and sculpture remain an essential part of her process.

Daniel Stanford

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The etymology of FASCINASIA originates from the Artist’s reflections on his own influences and explores the fascination we have with Asian culture, both modern and ancient. Asian culture can be traced back over 5000 years and because of it’s history, it influences our society and current culture. FASCINASIA explores the symbols of the sacred, juxtaposed with icons of modern society. It is this visual reincarnation that appeals to the inner vibration of a soul consciousness. Stanford seeks to transform the viewer’s vision and affect the subconscious mind.

In the structures of ancient temples, we see how sensuality was present in ancient world culture. Today we have new icons and a new measures of what is beautiful & spiritual. The media sends out more messages now than at any other time in human history and it affects our culture; they create a new culture. Today’s perception of the human body’s aesthetics is destructive and earthly creatures are too easily forgotten into extinction because of this disconnection.

Stanford attempts to express and illustrate a vision with alternative mythological figures of inner beauty expressed outwardly in what has been described as a perfect storm of content and intent, reflecting back images of both the beauty and decadence of modern society with a contemporary vision.
The distinctive mixed media paintings are meticulously crafted out of Feng Shui elements and materials, displaying a new reverence for beauty. An East meets West energy, where a translation between the material and the intellectual world conjure up powerful symbols of metaphorical sentient beings. Stanford’s use of archival materials reflects the sequence of the five elements – wood gives rise to fire, fire produces earth, earth gives birth to gold, gold creates water, water makes wood. The latest work shows more fascination for ancient world techniques with the use of encaustic wax as part of his exploration of new mediums.

Andrée Christensen

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Andrée Christensen is a poet, novelist, literary translator, visual artist and gardener. In collaboration with internationally renowned artist from Ontario and Quebec-Jennifer DIckson, Tony Urquhart, Roland Giguere, Pavel Skalnik, Huguette Bouchard-Bonet and Christine Palmieri she has produced five artist books combining her poetry and their visual works. Her own photographs and collages are often included in her published books of poetry.

Artist Statement on Collage​

The very process of collage, which liberates images from their context, empties them of their initial meaning, invites both the artist and the observer to listen to the irrational aspect of their being and, depending on personal perceptions, to create new associations that reflect private emotions. Collages invite us to create new stories and to make our own poetic and dreamlike associations. Each observer thus necomes the author of his or her own creation.

Adele Gauthier

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Adèle Gauthier is a local Ottawa artist, painting since forty years.  She has a Fine Arts degree from both Ottawa University and British Columbia University.  She also studied at the Emily Carr college of Art, the Haliburton college of art and the Ottawa college of art.  Her medium of choice is oil but she is at present exploring the mysteries of encaustic paint.

My journey as an artist

The latin word “pentimento” is “an alteration in a painting, evidenced by traces of previous work, showing that the artist has changed his mind as to the composition during the process of painting”. In english it means “to repent”.  Well, this is what I do all day.  I paint something beautiful, then I scratch it off, leaving traces, so that the real truth comes to the surface, well beyond the idea that was originally in my brain.