Deborah Ann Kuffner

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Deborah Ann Kuffner is a retired teacher and principal who lives in Ottawa, Ontario. She spends much of her time painting at her cottage on Long Lake in Mayo, Quebec, or in Akumal, Mexico.
From a young age, Kuffner has been fascinated by the work of Georgia O’Keefe. Her passion for painting florals began with a post-retirement trip to Los Angeles to do a workshop with Australian floral artist, Jacqueline Coates. It was a life-changing journey, which greatly influenced her style and subject matter. Kuffner is fascinated by the beauty, ephemeral nature, and fragility of flowers. She loves shining a light on the exquisite, delicate, and intricate details of flowers. She strives to capture their transitory beauty through the juxtaposition of lights and darks. She uses a dramatic palette often comprised of sultry greys, warm whites, vibrant alizarins and deep magentas.
Kuffner is a lifelong learner who has had the privilege of painting and studying with some of Canada’s most renowned artists, including Philip Craig and Gordon Harrison. Under this mentorship, Kuffner has developed a style, which uses layers upon layers of glazing to bring luminosity and depth to her work, communicate her vision and, most importantly, to fearlessly and courageously ‘colour the world’ with her art.
Kuffner’s artwork can be found in private collections in Canada, the US and in the Yucatan.

"I can’t remember a time when I didn’t paint or draw. As a young child I was fascinated by colour and remember filling jars with watercolours and placing them on my bedroom windowsill… I’d lie watching the light stream in, creating a rainbow kaleidoscope… and I felt transformed. To this day, I find joy, peace and healing in painting and I am so very grateful to have such a profound, consuming and gratifying passion.”