Olaf Schneider

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Olaf’s first artistic influence was his grandfather, Hurbert Schult. He worked at Porsche in Stutgartt Germany, designing the 911 series. He inspired Olaf with his oil paintings at a very early age, allowing Olaf to experiment with acrylics. While painting large scale billboards in 1986 for Mediacom (currently Outfront Media), Olaf acquired a strong practical foundation that would become integral to his work today. He studied at the Ontario College of Art and Sheridan College and is greatly inspired by his mentors Ron Greig and Norman Rockwell.

For Olaf, each piece represents an intense exploration and refinement of his personal pictorial sensitivities, especially as they relate to beauty, form, light, and shade. Composition, color, and craftsmanship are all elements that become the building blocks of his work. Olaf is a prolific painter who is inspired by the power and diversity of the northern landscape, and anything that needs a “second look.”  An explorer by nature, he travels across North America and Europe to gain inspiration.

“Each dab I make is stimulated by the details that I observe. I hope to see what others miss and then make it compelling. I push and alter the colors to suit my ravenous needs and I love to improvise on the spot.” — Olaf.