Tina Petrovicz

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Tina Petrovicz was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. She studied Theatre Production at Grant MacEwan College (1984-86), followed by a Scenic Art internship at The Banff Centre (1987). She worked for seventeen years in the field, with her last position as Assistant Head Scenic Artist at The National Ballet of Canada. She also worked as an art instructor at The EOETC (alternative high school). After living in Edmonton, Banff, and Toronto, she is now settled in Alfred, Ontario.
In recent years Petrovicz has been focusing primarily on fine art, working in her private studio and at the Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers Connective Studio. She works in different mediums including painting, photography, and drawing, but primarily focuses on printmaking. Her experience with each medium affects the others, expanding her practice through the interchanges. Petrovicz has exhibited in group and solo art shows that were juried and non-juried from 2012 to present in Ontario and Québec. Her artwork is in private collections in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and BC.

“I am intrigued by the mechanisms of perception and I like to use every day familiar subjects to draw people in. My starting point is to ask specific questions. I use my photos for the basis for my inquiry, layering them or splicing different parts together. I often add drawn elements like birds or man-made structures to lead and focus these constructed scenes. This draft is then used as a guide to create the plate. Once I have created the plate, I can make the decision to do an edition, but I often do varied editions which allows me to explore different inking techniques and colour pallets leaving each print with a unique impression.”