Kenna McCall

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"My name is Kenna McCall and I am a jewellry artist and my media are gemstones and silver. I design and create gemstone art jewellery under the brand TerrAdore Art Jewellery. I am a lapidarist (gem cutter), silversmith as well as an art jewellery designer. I specialize in Canadian stones and rare, single source stones that are not commonly used in jewellery. I have dug/collected the rough gem material myself or I ethically source it from other lapidarists/prospectors that I know and trust. After assessing and preparing the rough material, I cut and polish the stones into unusual shapes guided by the pattern within the stone. I try to keep the focus on the gemstone and highlight the natural art and beauty it presents throughout the design process (TerrAdore means love the earth). My designs are considered contemporary and are inspired by the mid-20 th Century Modernist and Brutalist artistic design traditions, particularly those from Scandinavia and Montreal, Canada. I use traditional and ancient methods of jewelry making, including Viking Knit which hasn't changed since the Vikings used it to make adornments and armour."