Kim Ratcliffe-Doe

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This Ottawa-based Mixed Media artist is best known for her industrial, rustic style. She incorporates metal, burlap, random found objects and retro images from old magazines into her work using pastes and compounds. Her interest in art started with, yes, Bob Ross. Then, she took her first painting class with Jo-Anne Cote, not knowing the hobby would become a huge part of her life. The ancient architecture she found on a tour of Europe spurred her passion for decaying walls and integrates as much of that ambience into many of her pieces. She will embed almost anything, maybe just a phrase, hoping to bring a pleasant surprise to the viewer. She has worked under mentors, Christina Lovisa and Amanda Pearce and also gets inspiration from Carola Kastman and Gerardo Labarca. Most of her work has been in acrylics but has done some oils and Encaustic and she is eager to create more of them.

Rashmi Rekha

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"I am an Indo-Canadian artist whose internationally-renowned work explores the vast landscape of the human experience. Based in Ottawa, Canada, I create imaginative paintings characterized by emotional coloration and dynamic forms. Each tells a compelling story about what it means to be alive in the world today. I am inspired by the splendor of nature and more of its changing appearance. My process of painting is expressive and visceral. I am always on the lookout for new ideas and inspirations. Tulips and the Queen of Night flowers are my favourite flowers. They take me to that wonderful space where I can be with my instincts and inner self. My paintings of the trees in Vancouver Island are from my recent trip in that area. I love to paint emotions on the canvas rather than painting a picture. And I enjoy narrating a story on my canvas using bright colors and multiple layers of paint. I aim to paint colorful compositions that speak to diverse audiences on a personal level."

Susan Reiter

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Susan Reiter is a native of Moncton, New Brunswick and graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a BA and B.Ed. She moved to Ottawa over 40 years ago and now lives with her family in Kanata, Ontario. She has been painting for over 30 years and has taught art from her home studio to adults and children for the past 20 years. Susan paints with acrylics, oils, watercolour, and mixed media. Growing up in Atlantic Canada, she has a love for water scenes but her real passion is painting birds and scenes from nature. Her style is detailed and realistic with regards to subjects from nature but despite that she does enjoy abstract compositions.

Kate Maura

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“My work begins with immersive experiences within the natural world, and the motion of the butterfly is part of my visual language. The creatures are metaphors for transformation and crossing other worlds. When I am fully immersed in nature, using all my senses, I feel a part of some mysterious, beautiful world, grounded, fulfilled, and transformed. The work is an expression of that experience. Plein air drawing, biology, philosophy, and poetry all play an integral part in the creation of my work. As I learn new things, I am changed.”

FEATURED ARTIST: Clifford George

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Clifford is from Whiteway and was educated here in Newfoundland. His interest in painting started while growing up in rural Newfoundland and travelling daily exploring our rivers and valleys and studying nature’s many moods. His love for nature is the original inspiration behind his desire to paint. Clifford works in watercolours, acrylics and print making. Clifford travels across his Newfoundland studying the old homesteads of a departed time. His show “Presence of Absence”, in 2012 was a metaphor for keeping faith with a departed time for which there are no known contemporary witnesses. The sketches lead to coloured studies which lead to larger paintings until his soul reaches the end result. He looks at his sketches as composing his thoughts from within.

Julie Poulin

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“I am an impressionistic oil and pastel landscape artist who paints ‘en plein air’ and in my studio from reference photos of places I have been and from my imagination. I am the founder of the Ottawa Plein Air Painters (OPAP) where I lead a group of artists through the experience of plein air painting during our 4 seasons. My goal is to share with you what I feel through pastel and through oil paint when I look at the chaotic organization of Nature. My challenge is to use the right combination of colours: the push, pull and vibration of competing colours, the harmony of others and the balance between warm and cool colours. I paint ‘the feeling’ of the scene to spark a memory, a desire or a sense of peace.”

Congratulations to Julie! Two of her pieces have been selected for the 11th Annual Members Only Online Exhibition of the Pastel Artists of Canada (PAC). These two works—”Lavender Fields Provence” and “French Villa By The Lavender Field”—are on display / for sale at Rothwell Gallery. The winners will be announced on December 1st! We wish Julie great luck in this very prestigious exhibition.

To find out more, you can go the the official PAC website.

Sawsan Al Shorbajee

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Sawsan is a versatile artist whose creativity knows no bounds. With a deft touch and a profound understanding of various art styles, she weaves her artistic magic on canvas using both oil and acrylic paints. Her mastery extends beyond the brush, as she adeptly employs knife techniques to create captivating textures and layers in her artwork. Born with an innate talent for artistic expression, Sawsan's journey as an artist has been a captivating exploration of colors, forms, and emotions. Her portfolio is a testament to her ability to seamlessly transition between different styles, from impressionism to abstract, and everything in between. Through her vibrant oil paintings, she captures the essence of the world around her, while her acrylic creations often push the boundaries of convention, inviting viewers to question and interpret the depths of her compositions. Her use of knife techniques adds a tactile quality to her work, inviting the observer to not just see, but also feel the texture of her art.

Francine Mongeon

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"My Art is me, completely me, without reservation or compromise! It can be loud, colourful, soft, crazy, stimulating, but always full of passion. I love escaping into my art and I love life. I will never have enough time to accomplish all that I want. I'm a sculptor, painter, jeweler, photographer, collage artist, concrete artist and teacher and much more. I am not finished yet because I love to play and my art helps me do that. It makes my heart smile, hopefully yours will smile as well. My passions are sitting on the deck at the cottage and disappearing into a peaceful place. Sharing ice-cream with my best friends or a bottle of champagne with the crazy ones. A beer or a glass of wine with others. I enjoy complimenting a stranger and making them smile! My friends refer to me as crazy or eccentric, but I call that living with a capital 'L'."

Sofiya Stevens

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As an aspiring young artist, Sofie Stevens finds that life is a painting, where every experience is akin to a brush stroke, adding a new layer of meaning for the artist every time. After graduating with an honours bachelor’s degree from the University of Ottawa, she pursued a Master of Arts, thereby reinforcing that there is always more to learn. Inspired by Pablo Picasso, Sofie always tries to remain a bit naïve in her own paintings and has experimented with a variety of mediums with her heart finally set on oil on canvas. She often volunteers at fundraising events in support of various charities such as Interval House of Ottawa and the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign. As Picasso once said, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” Sofie does not want to lose her inner child, and hopes that comes through in magical ways in her art.

Michael Benton

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"I am constantly reminded of the luminous nature of people, places, and things, so I use what is commonly referred to as the white negative space of the page or canvas as a reflection of this infinite Love-Light substrate and connect the various lines, colours, shapes, and forms with each other as they are manifested from and as the consciousness that is their source. As art mirrors reality, everything is one thing in endless, seemingly separate but entangled configurations. Making the images become whatever the viewer sees and feels. The light of the page and my expressions on and within it are a mind-space."