Sawsan Al Shorbajee

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Sawsan is a versatile artist whose creativity knows no bounds. With a deft touch and a profound understanding of various art styles, she weaves her artistic magic on canvas using both oil and acrylic paints. Her mastery extends beyond the brush, as she adeptly employs knife techniques to create captivating textures and layers in her artwork. Born with an innate talent for artistic expression, Sawsan's journey as an artist has been a captivating exploration of colors, forms, and emotions. Her portfolio is a testament to her ability to seamlessly transition between different styles, from impressionism to abstract, and everything in between. Through her vibrant oil paintings, she captures the essence of the world around her, while her acrylic creations often push the boundaries of convention, inviting viewers to question and interpret the depths of her compositions. Her use of knife techniques adds a tactile quality to her work, inviting the observer to not just see, but also feel the texture of her art.

Francine Mongeon

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"My Art is me, completely me, without reservation or compromise! It can be loud, colourful, soft, crazy, stimulating, but always full of passion. I love escaping into my art and I love life. I will never have enough time to accomplish all that I want. I'm a sculptor, painter, jeweler, photographer, collage artist, concrete artist and teacher and much more. I am not finished yet because I love to play and my art helps me do that. It makes my heart smile, hopefully yours will smile as well. My passions are sitting on the deck at the cottage and disappearing into a peaceful place. Sharing ice-cream with my best friends or a bottle of champagne with the crazy ones. A beer or a glass of wine with others. I enjoy complimenting a stranger and making them smile! My friends refer to me as crazy or eccentric, but I call that living with a capital 'L'."

Sofiya Stevens

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As an aspiring young artist, Sofie Stevens finds that life is a painting, where every experience is akin to a brush stroke, adding a new layer of meaning for the artist every time. After graduating with an honours bachelor’s degree from the University of Ottawa, she pursued a Master of Arts, thereby reinforcing that there is always more to learn. Inspired by Pablo Picasso, Sofie always tries to remain a bit naïve in her own paintings and has experimented with a variety of mediums with her heart finally set on oil on canvas. She often volunteers at fundraising events in support of various charities such as Interval House of Ottawa and the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign. As Picasso once said, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” Sofie does not want to lose her inner child, and hopes that comes through in magical ways in her art.

Michael Benton

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"I am constantly reminded of the luminous nature of people, places, and things, so I use what is commonly referred to as the white negative space of the page or canvas as a reflection of this infinite Love-Light substrate and connect the various lines, colours, shapes, and forms with each other as they are manifested from and as the consciousness that is their source. As art mirrors reality, everything is one thing in endless, seemingly separate but entangled configurations. Making the images become whatever the viewer sees and feels. The light of the page and my expressions on and within it are a mind-space."

Maurice Dionne

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Maurice Dionne is a full-time artist living in Ottawa, Canada. After a 30+ year career in science, he has been successful in transitioning to his lifelong passion. Today he is fully immersed in his local art scene and participates in several arts organizations. In fact, he is currently serving as President of the Foyer Gallery Artists association, a 50-member art gallery cooperative. He works primarily in water-based media and his work can be seen in many local and international venues. Maurice Dionne has been developing his artistic skills throughout his life, always seeking courses and workshops that would fit in his busy schedule. He has taken many courses with local, internationally recognized artists as well as following closely those which are masters in their fields. He knew that one day he would transition fully to his art. It will soon be a decade since then, and his journey continues.

Sylvie Provost

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Painter Sylvie Provost lives and works in Huberdeau, a municipality located in the Laurentians. Since her youth, creativity has always been part of her life. Interior decorating and sewing were here first creative practices that eventually led her to painting. Provost trained with several renowned painters. Her goal was to know several mediums to have a greater knowledge of her art. This brought her to discover acrylics as her medium of choice.
Since 2000, Provost has participated in several exhibitions in Canada, New York and Spain. In 2003, she participated in the Regional Museum of Argenteuil Symposium. Her pieces are sold throughout the world and are part of various public and private collections.

“For more than twenty years, my passion for art has been transposed into visual art, especially painting. I also experimented with sculpture, but my true calling is painting. For years now, I’ve worked with several mediums such as pastels, charcoal, casein, oil paints, watercolours and mixed techniques to finally direct my art toward acrylic, which is my favorite medium. Colours fascinate me, I like playing with the possibilities they offer me. Colourist by instinct, it is with great strokes of the spatula, directed here and there, that the pigments are placed on my canvas as an emotion that leads me to feel all the vibrations that surround me. I transpose this energy in my paintings through the bright colours that I use and the whimsical characters and flower bouquets that I create. I use a diversified palette but the texture and the research of the colour and its pairings are very important in my creation process. This action, which in a theatrical movement brings me to total freedom, is a vital need for me.”

Kenna McCall

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"My name is Kenna McCall and I am a jewellry artist and my media are gemstones and silver. I design and create gemstone art jewellery under the brand TerrAdore Art Jewellery. I am a lapidarist (gem cutter), silversmith as well as an art jewellery designer. I specialize in Canadian stones and rare, single source stones that are not commonly used in jewellery. I have dug/collected the rough gem material myself or I ethically source it from other lapidarists/prospectors that I know and trust. After assessing and preparing the rough material, I cut and polish the stones into unusual shapes guided by the pattern within the stone. I try to keep the focus on the gemstone and highlight the natural art and beauty it presents throughout the design process (TerrAdore means love the earth). My designs are considered contemporary and are inspired by the mid-20 th Century Modernist and Brutalist artistic design traditions, particularly those from Scandinavia and Montreal, Canada. I use traditional and ancient methods of jewelry making, including Viking Knit which hasn't changed since the Vikings used it to make adornments and armour."

Bette Belanger

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Gatineau based artist Bette Belanger has been honing her skills in observing and painting
nature for over 20 years. Originally a Watercolourist, Bette has changed mediums to oil and
works in an alla prima style. Her growth and development as an artist have come from her
continual applied curiosity and exploration of painting. Bette is a self-taught artist and her work is predominantly plein aire. She likes to explore the scenery of Georgian Bay where she grew up, along with the Outaouais and Ottawa area where she now lives. She often develops her smaller plein aire paintings into larger studio works.

"I find painting outdoors very addictive. The pursuit of capturing the landscape as you see it is always a struggle and challenge. I feel that this is translated to my work through my brush strokes. The light changes fast so you need to work quickly. Decipher the scene compose it and paint. There is no time for anything else. I am driven to paint on a daily basis throughout the year."

Karen Light

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"I have only recently begun to consider myself a real artist and it was quite a journey getting here. Since the 60's, I have always been creating something -- crocheting, knitting, felting, pottery, gardening, painting etc. My partner at the time used to call me "a dabbler". Though I don't think he meant it as an insult, I always considered that I wasn't really an artist, just a dabbler. But in October 2011, I went to Newfoundland. It was there that I saw the most beautiful rugs that were like paintings, telling a story. I desperately wanted to buy one but when I saw the price tag, I not only realized the value of them but that if I wanted one, I'd have to make it myself. As soon as I got home to Toronto, I googled "rug-hooking teacher" and found one in Scarborough. That was it! There was no stopping me! My teacher, Vivien Thompson, got quite a kick out of my enthusiasm and often chuckled, wide-eyed, while watching my intense, speedy progression. I also took 3 on-line courses with Deanne Fitzpatrick from Nova Scotia, as well as attended one of her workshop in Amherst. This course was called "The Art of Rug Hooking" and it was part of my process of accepting myself as a real artist. Now, after 2 years of hooking, I am having my first art show. So I'm 67 and finally have found my niche. Rug-hooking! I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I love creating them."

Cecile Huneault

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Cecile was born and raised in Orleans, Ontario. She is the second last of ten siblings. As a young child, her father would buy paint-by-numbers, frame and hang them for inspiration. This was the start of her love of painting. Life then got busy and Cecile married very young, raising three children. She now has five grandchildren. She has worked in various sectors over the years and, due to lack of time, she had put her artistic talents on hold. Being semi-retired allows her to devote more time to her art. She enjoys working with acrylics and using various palette knives on her large canvases. Oils were her medium in the beginning and now she prefers acrylics and different mediums like modeling paste. Bold colours truly inspire her. When visiting friends and family she is most happy to see her works hanging on their walls. Cecile will continue to experiment with different mediums and make works that connect with the viewer.