Wendy Trethewey

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An international portraitist, Wendy Trethewey has painted hundreds of commissions for the military and institutions. Her private clients include adults, children, and pets - particularly dogs.
Trethewey's work is held in private and public collections throughout Canada, USA, Australia and England. Her pieces are represented in the permanent collection of the Canadian War Museum, amongst the other work of living artists featured in the museum's oral history.
Trethewey is a Premier Pastelist, winner of the highest award of the Pastel Society of Canada.
She is also a miniaturist whose work has won Best of Show.

"I stand for all that is beautiful in the world and see myself as a recorder of people, animals, landscapes, and interiors. Lately, I have been concentrating on pet portraits. It is very rewarding to see the joy my portraits bring their owners."

Une portraitiste internationale, Wendy Threthewey peignais des centaines de commissions pour la militaire et autres institutions. Ses clientèles privé inclus les adultes, enfants et animaux de compagnies - particulièrement des chiens. Ses œuvres sont exposés dans des collections publiques et privés tout autour du Canada, les États-Unis, Australie et l'Angleterre.
Ses pièces sont représentées dans la collection permanente du Musée canadienne de la Guerre parmi les autres artistes vivants, présente dans l'histoire orale du musée. Thethewey est une Pasteliste Première, gagnant de la récompense de la plus haute signifiance de la Société Pastel du Canada.
Elle est aussi une miniaturiste qui a gagné Best of Show.

Jérôme Cordier

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Born in Belgium in 1960, Jérôme Cordier now lives in Ottawa, Canada. Over the last thirty years, his work has been published in magazines, newspapers, and exhibits. His work is in private collections in Canada, Austria, Belgium, France, and the United States.
All Cordier's art is photography-based. In the past he used a 35 mm film camera and the darkroom to create selenium-toned fiber based prints. Now he produces high resolution scans of those same negatives and prints with archival quality inks on fine art and photo-base paper. Cordier uses the computer to manipulate the digital image into the "real" or his "surreal" vision.

"Although my portfolio is diverse, over the years "the Nude" has been a special subject. The body and art are synonymous. The French poet Paul Valery noted that the nude is for the artist what love is for the poet."

Né en Belgique en 1960, Jérôme Cordier vit à Ottawa (Canada).
Depuis les trente dernières années, il a été publié dans des magazines et journaux et a participé à des expositions. Les oeuvres de Cordier se retrouvent également dans des collections privées en Amérique du Nord et en Europe. La photographie est à la base de tout l'art de Cordier. Dans le passé, il utilisait un appareil photo 35 mm et la chambre noire pour produire des épreuves virées au sélénium sur papier argentique baryté. Depuis quelques années, il crée de somptueux tirages photographiques d'après un balayage numérique de ces mêmes négatifs, qu'il imprime ensuite avec un encre à pigment sur du papier de qualité conservation. Ce procédé offre une grande longévité pour la réalisation de tirages d'exposition ou d'art. Cordier utilise l'ordinateur pour manipuler l'image selon sa conception unique du "réel" et sa vision "surréaliste".

"Au sein de mon portfolio varié, au fil des ans, Le Nu a occupé une place importante. Le Nu -- le corps et son image-- est synonyme de l'art et comme le déclarait le poète français Paul Valéry: Le Nu est pour l'artiste ce que l'amour est au poète."

Eliane Saheurs

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Eliane Saheurs was born in Thun, Switzerland. Before realizing that painting was the challenge for which she was searching, Saheurs did photographic work, including studies of landforms, an influence now evident in her painting.
Saheurs began art studies in 1985 at Algonquin College, Ottawa, and continued at the Ottawa School of Art to 1995, working mainly with Michel Savage, Blair Sharpe, Kathy Gillis, Jeff Stellick and Susan Feindel. She also studied with Frank Webb from Pittsburgh, Lynn Forgach from New York, Toshihisa Fudezuka from Tokyo and Virginia Cobb from Santa Fe. and completed a residency at the Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams, MA. She has worked in New Mexico, France and Crete.
Saheurs has lived in Ottawa, Ontario, since 1984.

Eliane Saheurs est née en Thun, Suisse. Avant qu'elle s'est rendu compte que la peinture était le défi qu'elle cherche, Saheurs faisait de la photographie, incluant les études des formes du relief, une influence maintenant claire dans ses peintures.
Saheurs a commencé ses études d'art l'an 1985 au Collège Algonquin, Ottawa et a continué à l'École d'Art Ottawa jusqu'au 1995, travaillant principalement avec Michel Savage, Blair Sharpe, Kathy Gills, Jeff Stellic et Susan Feindel. Elle a aussi étudié avec Frank Webb du Pittsburgh, Lynn Forgach de New York, Toshihisa Fudezuka de Tokyo et Virginia Cobb de Santa Fe. et a complété un internat au Centre des Artistes Contemporaine, Noth Adams, MA. Elle a travaillé en Nouveau Mexique, France et Crète.
Elle vivait à Ottawa depuis 1984.

Angela Verlaeckt Clark

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Angela is an Ottawa-based, international, multidisciplinary fine artist and poet.Living in Canada, the UK and the USA, Angela’s life has always been one of movement, both geographically and artistically. A passion for sculpting led her from clay to stone and from representational to abstract; from the Maison du Potier in Québec City, to the Ottawa School of Art, to the Sculpture Academy in London, UK and ultimately to a residency in Italy with a master in 2004.
A Canadian abstract artist, she produces enduring, tactile, elegant stone sculptures. Angela senses a deep past in her ancient stones and though both artist and stone have separate memories, her objective is to bring them into dialogue during the sculpting process. During that dialogue when she feels the stone’s tangible energy and power, a rare bond is forged. This most compelling component of her art inspires a poem to complement each sculpture. Angela approaches this physically demanding medium with determination, conviction and organization, completing each sculpture with a base designed to complement the work. She encourages the viewer to use their sense of touch when admiring a sculpture to fully comprehend its nuances.
While living in the USA a brief course in warm glass sparked her curiosity. Angela was transfixed by the luminosity, transparency and richly hued colours available thus beginning years of exploratory practice in the art of kiln-fired glass.
In a studio separate from her stone studio, using brightly hued primary colours Angela charts places that have defined her, much as a cartographer does, voicing it through the geography of map-like contemporary glass wall art panels. As in her stones, believing bases are important to a complete artwork, she fashions reflective steel or exotic wood backgrounds.
Moving between artistic mediums, is what Angela terms the ultimate ‘act of becoming me’.
She is an elected member of the Sculptors Society of Canada (SSC), the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), and a member of the International Sculpture Center (ISC) in the USA. She has exhibited with the Society of Women Artists (SWA) and the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) in London. Angela is listed in the Library and Archives of the National Gallery of Canada since 2003.
Angela’s fine art features in collections worldwide.

"I believe that carefully crafted objects have the power to inspire, elevate and they retain the pulse of their maker."

Michelina Williamson

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Michelina Williamson was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. From a young age she developed a passion for art, but in her family, a career as an Artist was never viewed as a viable option. She instead moved to Toronto to pursue a career as a Pharmacy Assistant.
During her time in Toronto, Williamson became friends with some very creative thinking individuals. One of those friends was attending the prestigious Ontario College of Art. He offered to give Williamson a tour of the College.

“As soon as I stepped through the doors of OCA, I felt the creative energy and excitement of the place. I knew then that I wanted to be a part of it, to experience the freedom to explore and create all things Art.”

So began Williamson’s journey pursuing art as a career. She worked as a Pharmacy Assistant during the day and took art classes at night at OCA. Williamson’s years at OCA were ones of exploration, experimentation and growth. She expanded her knowledge of Art movements and Art Masters from the Renaissance through to the 20th Century. She also tried as many different mediums and techniques as she could in her studio classes. For example, she learned to weld and made a chair of steel and copper that she still has in her home today. She experimented with sound production and recorded an atmospheric sound track using found objects. She discovered the Film and Video department and fell in love. Literally. Her future husband, Paul Williamson, worked as a Re-recording sound engineer at a Post Production House in Toronto and performed the sound mix on her first experimental film.

“It was like a scene in a movie. I felt a chemistry between us, but I played it cool. After the mix Paul escorted me to the lobby. We lingered at the doors and then I left. I walked away into the sunshine thinking, oh well, I guess I was wrong about the chemistry. Suddenly I heard my name. I stopped, turned around and saw Paul running towards me. When he caught up to me, he asked if I’d like to get a coffee sometime. Smiling, I said yes.”

Williamson graduated from OCA’S New Media program in 1991. Soon after, she and Paul were married and started a family.
Through the growth of her family and the transition from stay at home Mom to part-time work, Williamson’s dream of becoming a full time Artist was ever present. When her children became more independent, she went back to her Alma Mater. In 2010 she graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree.

Emotion is at the essence of my paintings. It is the foundation, the core from which my art emerges, develops and manifests into a physical form. I find inspiration in the power and beauty of nature and I strive to portray emotion through landscape. I’m fortunate enough to live in Ontario, Canada which has so many lakes and natural parks. I don’t have to go far to find a scene that emotionally touches me and inspires me to paint. I work from sketches, photographs and memory to convey the emotion I felt in the moment."

Renée Gagné

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Renée Gagné was born and raised in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. From a young age, her daily life was filled with art. Through her mother’s diverse ventures in painting, wood sculpting, macramé, ceramics and sewing, Gagné was instilled with an immense interest and appreciation of art.
After completing her degrees in nursing and psychology, Gagné returned to painting, taking workshops in oil, watercolor and acrylic. In addition to jewellery-making, her passion for painting offers an escape; through the precision and attention to detail required of her practice, the stresses of work and daily life fall away. Her artistic journey has been one of experimentation, but focused on realising her own unique charm.
In late 2019, Gagné’s first solo juried exhibition at Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans met with great success! Clearly discernable, Gagné’s style evokes an appreciation for beauty, vibrant colour, and whimsical composition. She looks forward to retirement, so she may devote more time to her art, and perfecting her style. Her goal, “is to evoke an emotion and a smile by the magical beauty of the bright colors in my paintings.”

Deborah Ann Kuffner

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Deborah Ann Kuffner is a retired teacher and principal who lives in Ottawa, Ontario. She spends much of her time painting at her cottage on Long Lake in Mayo, Quebec, or in Akumal, Mexico.
From a young age, Kuffner has been fascinated by the work of Georgia O’Keefe. Her passion for painting florals began with a post-retirement trip to Los Angeles to do a workshop with Australian floral artist, Jacqueline Coates. It was a life-changing journey, which greatly influenced her style and subject matter. Kuffner is fascinated by the beauty, ephemeral nature, and fragility of flowers. She loves shining a light on the exquisite, delicate, and intricate details of flowers. She strives to capture their transitory beauty through the juxtaposition of lights and darks. She uses a dramatic palette often comprised of sultry greys, warm whites, vibrant alizarins and deep magentas.
Kuffner is a lifelong learner who has had the privilege of painting and studying with some of Canada’s most renowned artists, including Philip Craig and Gordon Harrison. Under this mentorship, Kuffner has developed a style, which uses layers upon layers of glazing to bring luminosity and depth to her work, communicate her vision and, most importantly, to fearlessly and courageously ‘colour the world’ with her art.
Kuffner’s artwork can be found in private collections in Canada, the US and in the Yucatan.

"I can’t remember a time when I didn’t paint or draw. As a young child I was fascinated by colour and remember filling jars with watercolours and placing them on my bedroom windowsill… I’d lie watching the light stream in, creating a rainbow kaleidoscope… and I felt transformed. To this day, I find joy, peace and healing in painting and I am so very grateful to have such a profound, consuming and gratifying passion.”

Edmond Léger

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"Music has been an emotion that I have nurtured all my life. There has always been a duality in my music. First, there is the mathematical grammar that allows me to join notes together to achieve a logical sequence. Second, there is the unexplainable connection that comes when the grammar evolves into a discussion of thoughts, a sense of being.
Being mostly self-taught as far as my music and painting are concerned, I
continue to discuss these thoughts with my abstracts. There is always a rhythm that occurs while I paint. Musical notes appear as if I am writing a score, playing, painting the grammar on my canvas. Improvisation allows the logical to become liberated.
Music is a bridge that we have been exploring for thousands of years. This
bridge between knowing and understanding is what I try to achieve with color. It is
not the need to do that I wish to explore but more the need to feel this connection, share my music in a most intimate way. My paintings are a reflection of my improvisation, my connection with the unexplainable and the grammar. This place that I understand without being able to explain it but rather having no need to..."

Arlette Francière

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"I have always been passionate about poetry and art. My career as a translator fulfills my literary interest. Art became even more central to my life when I studied Art History at Concordia University in Montreal. One course dealt with a variety of techniques, and students had to copy a work of art in each medium. That hands-on experience was a turning point, and I have been painting ever since. I have studied with Alfred Pinsky, Leonard Gerbrandt and Andrea Mossop, among others.
I am attracted to landscape painting, especially to the work of the Expressionists. Inspired by memories of dramatic landscapes, I let strong colours, bold shapes and intriguing rhythms guide me. In the process, my paintings become inner landscapes that express states of mind, or emotions, instead of reproducing an external landscape.
I enjoy working in oil, acrylic and charcoal, but I have a strong affinity for watercolour and the ‘wet in wet’ technique. It harks back to my fascination as a child creating soap bubbles between my fingers and marvelling at the patterns of swirling colours. That same wonder is there for me when I paint in watercolour.
My predominant and most characteristic theme is abstracted landscape, but my work also includes portraits, flowers and pure abstract art. I am a colourist who always tries to embody the mystery behind the façade.
I have had numerous solo and group shows and my work is in private collections in Canada and abroad. My paintings have been used on the cover of eighteen books, most of them collections of poetry."

Renée Butler

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Renée Butler was born and raised in Trenton, Nova Scotia, and now reside between Québec and Newfoundland, moving seasonally. She is largely a self-taught artist, but has, over the years, studied with several other artists.
Butler's art resides in many private collections in Canada, including the NL Government’s private collection, as well as in Europe. Notably, her work was featured on CBC’s television program Land & Sea!

“I love light and the effects it has on the most mundane objects. You can take the most ordinary thing, and with the correct light you can make it mesmerizing. I try to absorb as much detail as possible when looking at everyday objects and I especially love painting still-life's. I enjoy bringing them to life on my canvas and hope to capture the beauty that I witness for everyone else to experience as well.”