Kathy Harker-Fiander

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Kathy spent the first 25 years of her career in the animation industry after graduating from the Classical Animation Program at Sheridan College. It was a wonderful career animating on various productions including "The Care Bears", "The Raccoons", and several productions with Disney Television. In 2003 the animation industry went digital, but she wasn't ready to give up that tactile feeling of pencil on paper. Reacquainting herself with watercolour and oil, inspired by her garden, she began to paint the beauty all around her. It gave her the opportunity to explore the true passion of making Fine Art. Kathy volunteered for many years at her young son's school and drew over 800 portraits as the children sat for her during their classes. It was a magical time of learning, as she continued to explore colour, composition, structure and light. In 2004, Kathy began teaching adults at community centres. She feels great joy when teaching, and the enthusiasm is contagious. Kathy decided to take the "Bargue Drawing Course" at "The Academy of Realist Art" to understand the secrets of the old masters. It was insightful to practice this intense academic system in order to understand how to achieve accuracy. She is inspired to use all that she has learned to continue to create the art she wants to make.