Laura Leah Linderman

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Laura Leah Lindeman has always been an artist. She was directed by her parents at a young age, her father was a high school teacher that dabbled in art, music, science, theater and more. To find my path as an artist, she attended Sheridan college, Ottawa School of Art and Bishops University. After University she ventured on her own way with the style she developed during drawing, painting and sculpture in college and university. Her passion is abstract art combined with realism and illustration. Presently, she works mainly in escapism abstract landscapes, drip work and finding forms.

"During Covid, the world changed around me and so did my style of painting. In the series "unaccompanied nature" the paintings were mainly all created during 2019-2022 while people were isolated. [...] You could enjoy these paintings while listening to yo-yo ma or calming nature sounds. Then they would become "accompanies nature" rather than "unaccompanied nature." I hope that these paintings would relax the viewer in times of stress, as these paintings have brought me some comfort and furthered my search for the truth.