Renée Gagné

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Renée Gagné was born and raised in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. From a young age, her daily life was filled with art. Through her mother’s diverse ventures in painting, wood sculpting, macramé, ceramics and sewing, Gagné was instilled with an immense interest and appreciation of art.
After completing her degrees in nursing and psychology, Gagné returned to painting, taking workshops in oil, watercolor and acrylic. In addition to jewellery-making, her passion for painting offers an escape; through the precision and attention to detail required of her practice, the stresses of work and daily life fall away. Her artistic journey has been one of experimentation, but focused on realising her own unique charm.
In late 2019, Gagné’s first solo juried exhibition at Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans met with great success! Clearly discernable, Gagné’s style evokes an appreciation for beauty, vibrant colour, and whimsical composition. She looks forward to retirement, so she may devote more time to her art, and perfecting her style. Her goal, “is to evoke an emotion and a smile by the magical beauty of the bright colors in my paintings.”