Danielle Cloutier

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The youngest in a family of five children, Danielle Cloutier was born April 1st, 1959 in Ottawa. She is the daughter of an agriculturist from the Byward Market. Her parents Lorenzo and Therese provided considerable support in her artistic endeavours. Ottawa’s High School of Commerce, her personal growth in fine arts evolved under the guidance of Mrs. Willamina Pinkus, the drawing and painting teacher, and Ms. Colliers, the figure drawing teacher. With dreams of fulfillment, Cloutier absorbed her surroundings and proceeded to imitate her older brother's detailed artwork. At age thirteen she won her first international competition in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This first accomplishment led to her decision to become an artist. Soon afterwards, she had a successful first art show through the Fédération national des femmes canadiennes-françaises in Ottawa's St. Laurent. This further inspired her to express her style in her art work. Cloutier has exhibited her works over the years in the Ottawa region and has won many first place titles in art shows. She has been featured in the Ottawa Valley Guide for all artists in the Ottawa region. Her works have been displayed in several publications and magazines such as Folkart and Parkhurst Exchange. She lives in the "deep woods" of East Aldfield Québec where she is currently building a stone cottage which includes an artificial handmade lake named "Lily Francine" in her sisters' memory.