Cecile Huneault

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Cecile was born and raised in Orleans, Ontario. She is the second last of ten siblings. As a young child, her father would buy paint-by-numbers, frame and hang them for inspiration. This was the start of her love of painting. Life then got busy and Cecile married very young, raising three children. She now has five grandchildren. She has worked in various sectors over the years and, due to lack of time, she had put her artistic talents on hold. Being semi-retired allows her to devote more time to her art. She enjoys working with acrylics and using various palette knives on her large canvases. Oils were her medium in the beginning and now she prefers acrylics and different mediums like modeling paste. Bold colours truly inspire her. When visiting friends and family she is most happy to see her works hanging on their walls. Cecile will continue to experiment with different mediums and make works that connect with the viewer.