Bette Belanger

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Gatineau based artist Bette Belanger has been honing her skills in observing and painting nature for over 20 years. Originally a Watercolourist, Bette has changed mediums to oil and works in an alla prima style. Her growth and development as an artist have come from her continual applied curiosity and exploration of painting. Bette is a self-taught artist and her work is predominantly plein aire. She likes to explore the scenery of Georgian Bay where she grew up, along with the Outaouais and Ottawa area where she now lives. She often develops her smaller plein aire paintings into larger studio works.

"I find painting outdoors very addictive. The pursuit of capturing the landscape as you see it is always a struggle and challenge. I feel that this is translated to my work through my brush strokes. The light changes fast so you need to work quickly. Decipher the scene compose it and paint. There is no time for anything else. I am driven to paint on a daily basis throughout the year."