Lise Massicotte

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Born in Amos, Abitibi, Lise attended l’Institut des arts appliqués in Montreal. She then spent some time in Alberta, continuing studies in art and photography at the University of Edmonton. A long journey, with a thousand jobs along the way, allowed her to explore different artistic media such as theatre set design, journalistic graphics and layout, and the management of an art and craft gallery.

In 1995, after twenty years of working in black and white, the exploration of colour took centre stage in the form of watercolor painting. Lise strives to break away from the rigidity of her graphic design background by exploring the fluidity and emotions in this medium. Recently, acrylic inks have captured her interest, resulting in stunning creations both figurative and non-figurative. On her palette, the colours are very intense, and play with the contrast of textures according to the energy needed to give light to the work. With the fondest of exceptions for all things avian, Lise’s long-time passion is for trees, those giant witnesses of our presence on this earth, and the forest, sleeping and waking to the voice of light.