Yong Suksamran

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Yong Suksamran was born in Thailand. For several years he lived in Ottawa where he was inspired by the beauty of the city, but he currently resides in New Zealand. His background is in post-graduate fashion design and technology which has given him his inspiration for colour and texture. Techniques that he learned with fabrics have led to skills in drawing and colour mix.

I spend time thinking and researching my subject and themes so that my paintings are unique and striking to the eye. In many of my oil paintings, your eye can rove across the canvas and focus on different details. Hopefully you get the sparkle or dance that comes from what you see and what is delightful. The richness of the texture and using shade and colour to the best advantage is what I like about oil painting … I love bright colours. It is a challenge to create an oil painting but I get enormous satisfaction from seeing the painting come alive on the canvas.