Sofiya Stevens

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As an aspiring young artist, Sofie Stevens finds that life is a painting, where every experience is akin to a brush stroke, adding a new layer of meaning for the artist every time. After graduating with an honours bachelor’s degree from the University of Ottawa, she pursued a Master of Arts, thereby reinforcing that there is always more to learn. Inspired by Pablo Picasso, Sofie always tries to remain a bit naïve in her own paintings and has experimented with a variety of mediums with her heart finally set on oil on canvas. She often volunteers at fundraising events in support of various charities such as Interval House of Ottawa and the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign. As Picasso once said, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” Sofie does not want to lose her inner child, and hopes that comes through in magical ways in her art.