Denise Levesque

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Born in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Denise Levesque studied visual arts at Ottawa University. Since 1977, her paintings have been exhibited in many galleries across Canada and France including Galerie Imbert, Aix-en-Provence; Galerie Jean-Claude Bergeron, Ottawa; Galerie Rodrigue Lemay, Ottawa; Galerie d’art Eugène Racette, Ottawa; L’Imagier et galerie Montcalm, Gatineau; at McGill University, Montreal; La Galeruche, Timmins; Sudbury's GNO; and Toronto's North Pavillion. She was subsidized by the Ontario Arts Council for many years. Levesque taught art at the secondary and primary levels and art education at Ottawa University. She has also worked at the education services of the National Gallery of Canada, and ran the Galerie educative Thériault, in Timmins for four years. Levesque has participated in many arts committees and was happy to be on the executive committee of Bravo-Est, when the CA and BRAVO created the first Nuit Blanche Ottawa!