Sylvie Provost

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Painter Sylvie Provost lives and works in Huberdeau, a municipality located in the Laurentians. Ever since her youth, creativity has always been part of her life. Interior decorating and sewing are the creative practices that will eventually lead her towards painting. She will follow several trainings with renowned painters. Her goal was to know several mediums to have a greater knowledge of her art. This brought her to discover acrylics as her medium of choice.

Since the year 2000, she has participated in several exhibitions in Canada, New York and Spain. In 2003, she participated in the Regional Museum of Argenteuil Symposium. Her pieces are sold throughout the world and are part of various public and private collections.

Artist Approach

“For more than twenty years, my passion for art has been transposed into visual art, especially painting. I also experimented with sculpture, but my true calling is painting. For years now, I’ve worked with several mediums such as pastels, charcoal, casein, oil paints, watercolors and mixed techniques to finally direct my art toward acrylic which is my favorite medium. Colors fascinate me, I like playing with the possibilities they offer me. Colorist by instinct, it is with great strokes of the spatula, directed here and there, that the pigments are placed on my canvas as an emotion that leads me to feel all the vibrations that surround me. I transpose this energy in my paintings through the bright colors that I use and the whimsical characters and flower bouquets that I create. I use a diversified palette but the texture and the research of the color and its pairings are very important in my creation process. This action, which in a theatrical movement brings me to total freedom, is a vital need for me.” –