Herb van der Staay

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Since 1962, Herb van der Staay has been painting with a number of Ottawa artists. He studied at the Ottawa School of Art under Bruce Heggtveit, Robert Hyndman and others. His preferred medium is oils and pencil sketching. He is mainly a self-taught artist who enjoys plein-air painting and is inspired by the colours and space of the Canadian landscape. Nature is the ultimate teacher — it teaches us to see colour, light, shadows and shapes and to feel the moment. It is a challenge to put feelings and impressions on canvas and to connect with the viewer.

Hilde Lambrechts

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Hilde was born in Belgium (St-Truiden, 1961) and became a Dutch citizen (in 1982) until she made the best decision in her life and obtained Canadian citizenship in 2015. Having a background in science (PhD biology, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1993) art was not on her radar till 1999, when she started carving stone as a hobby. While mainly self-taught, Hilde attended a few stone sculpting workshops with Thea de Waard in the Netherlands. Once settled in Canada, art became a life-saver. She first enrolled in ‘Figure Drawing and Painting’ with Pamela Cockcroft-Lasserre (2007-2009) and later in ‘Ceramic Sculpture’ with Jim Thomson (2009-2011) at the Ottawa School of Art. Intrigued by the wonderful possibilities of the human figure, she founded — a not-for-profit organisation promoting visual art of the human form in all media (April 2010). As the President of this organization (2010-2016), she organized 7 juried award shows in Ottawa, which now attract professional artists from across Canada and abroad.


Today, she is still functioning as the curator of Figureworks. It was the late Jim Thomson who “infected” her with the clay bug, for which there is no cure. As a visual artist, Hilde has chosen ceramic sculpture, with an emphasis on ceramic installations, as her main discipline; for her, art is a conversation and her artistic expression changes with the topic of that conversation. Since 2012, Hilde has worked as a full-time artist in her home studio and became a finalist of the RBC/CAO emerging artist award in the same year. In 2016, she became an active member of the Ottawa Guild of Potters, as its secretary and designer of ‘Populace’, a large outdoor art installation in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday.

Hilde’s work has been shown in both solo- and (juried) group exhibits, including the New York Art Expo and the Canadian Gallery of Clay and Glass in Waterloo, Ontario. Her work is in private collections in Belgium, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Canada, as well as in the collection of Global Affairs Canada; ‘The Bark Archive’ is on permanent display at the Canadian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium.

“Through beautiful visual stimulation I aim to open up minds of others and increase empathy, which is the key to peaceful solutions and tolerance.” — Hilde

Yong Suksamran

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Yong Suksamran was born in Thailand but has lived for many years in New Zealand where he currently resides. For several years he lived in Ottawa where he was inspired by the beauty of the city. His background is in post-graduate fashion design and tecnology which has given him his inspiration for colour and texture. Techniques that he learned with fabrics have led to skills in drawing and colour mix.”I love bright colours. It is a challenge to create an oil painting but I get enormous satisfaction from seeing the painting come alive on the canvas.

I spend time thinking and researching my subject and themes so that my paintings are unique and striking to the eye. In many of my oil paintings, your eye can rove across the canvas and focus on different details. Hopefully you get the sparkle or dance that comes from what you see and what is delightful. The richness of the texture and using shade and colour to best advantage is what I like about oil painting.

Lise Massicotte

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Born in Amos, Abitibi, Lise attended l’Institut des arts appliqués in Montreal. She then spent some time in Alberta, continuing studies in art and photography at the University of Edmonton. A long journey, with a thousand jobs along the way, allowed her to explore different artistic media such as theatre set design, journalistic graphics and layout, and the management of an art and craft gallery.

In 1995, after twenty years of working in black and white, the exploration of colour took centre stage in the form of watercolor painting. Lise strives to break away from the rigidity of her graphic design background by exploring the fluidity and emotions in this medium. Recently, acrylic inks have captured her interest, resulting in stunning creations both figurative and non-figurative. On her palette, the colours are very intense, and play with the contrast of textures according to the energy needed to give light to the work. With the fondest of exceptions for all things avian, Lise’s long-time passion is for trees, those giant witnesses of our presence on this earth, and the forest, sleeping and waking to the voice of light.

Pauline Dwyer

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“My name is Pauline Dwyer and I’m a Traditional Artist and Concept Artist. Everything I know about painting was self-taught and I feel that’s what sets me apart. I love learning new things and love working with all kinds of mediums. At the age of 13, I created a watercolour painting and have sold quite a few paintings. Recently, I’ve gone to College and learnt about digital art programs to keep up with modern day technology and that has opened a whole new world for me. I love to create and learn new things every day.”

Sample Commissions

Tina Petrovicz

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Tina Petrovicz was born in Regina, Saskatchewan. She is now settled in Alfred, Ontario after living in Edmonton, Banff, and Toronto. She studied Theatre Production at Grant MacEwan College (1984-86), followed by a Scenic Art internship at The Banff Centre (1987). She worked for 17yrs. in the field, with her last position as Assistant Head Scenic Artist at The National Ballet of Canada. She worked as an art instructor at The EOETC (alternative high school). In recent years she has been focusing primarily on fine art, working in her private studio and at the Ottawa-Gatineau Printmakers Connective Studio.  She works in different mediums painting, photography, and drawing, but primarily focuses on printmaking. The experience in each medium affects the others, allowing for interchanges between each.

Tina Petrovicz has exhibited in group and solo art shows that were juried and non-juried from 2012 to present in Ontario and Quebec. Her artwork is in private collections in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan and BC.

“I am intrigued by the mechanisms of perception and I like to use everyday familiar subjects to draw people in.  My starting point is to ask specific questions. I use my photos for the basis for my inquiry, layering them or splicing different parts together. I often add drawn elements like birds or man-made structures to lead and focus these constructed scenes. This draft is then used as a guide to create the plate. Once I have created the plate, I can make the decision to do an edition, but I often do varied editions which allows me to explore different inking techniques and colour pallets leaving each print with a unique impression.”

Denise Levesque

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Born in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Denise Levesque studied visual arts at Ottawa University. She is a painter and has exhibited since 1977 in Canada and France: The Imbert gallery in Aix-en-Provence, the galleries Jean-Claude Bergeron, Rodrigue Lemay and Eugene Racette in Ottawa, L’Imagier and galerie Montcalm in Gatineau, McGill University, Montreal QC, La Galeruche in Timmins ON, Sudbury’s GNO, Toronto’s North Pavillion … She taught art at the secondary and primary levels and art education at Ottawa University, also she worked at the education services of the National Gallery of Canada. She ran a gallery inside a secondary for 4 years: Galerie educative Thériault, Timmins.

She participated in many arts committees and was happy to be on the executive committee of Bravo-Est, when the CA and BRAVO created the first Nuit Blanche Ottawa!

For many years the Ontario Arts Council subsidized her.

Presently the artist works full time in her studio.

L’artiste est diplômée en arts visuels de l’Université d’Ottawa, Elle est peintre et elle expose depuis 1977 au Canada et en France: La galerie Imbert à Aix-en-Provence, les galeries Jean-Claude Bergeron, Rodrigue Lemay et Eugène Racette à Ottawa, l’Imagier et la galerie Montcalm de Gatineau, l’université McGill, La Galeruche de Timmins, la Galerie du Nouvel Ontario de Sudbury, Le Pavillon du Nord à Toronto…

Elle a enseigné au niveau primaire, secondaire et universitaire. Elle a géré une galerie en milieu scolaire à Timmins pendant 4 ans. (Pro-Arts)

Elle participe à plusieurs comités et CA, en particulier BRAVO-Est lors du premier lancement de la Nuit blanche Ottawa. Son travail a été appuyé à maintes reprises par le Conseil des Arts de l’Ontario.

Gilda Pontbriand

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“My art is a constant search, which encompass a spiritual dimension. Images travel between the mundane and a magical world, without making the illusion of reality its main objective. Each painting is a cathartical experience which delineates longing and unveils an attempt to remain in touch with my inner world. My work invites viewers to decipher the emotions that brought me to paint it.

My work is divided into series, which feature my environment, my dreams and my inner world.”


Susan Jephcott

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“Portrait of Susan” by Barbara Ferron

“I am originally from Hudson and of Scots ancestry. I have been painting and drawing all my life. I got my first set of oils at age 12. My work has gone from highly textured figurative portrait studies to hard edged symbolism, re-absorbing and personalizing classical techniques and redirecting them into stark story telling. For me what connects my work is an ongoing battle between primitive human impulses and an unmovable destiny of myth and spirituality that forces the untamed or unwilling to do it’ s bidding. In my world the spirit always wins and woe to those who choose folly or greed, conflict and arrogance. Sometimes my directness will make the viewer feel uncomfortable with the sometimes political, sometimes grotesque or sexual images. I am summoning my own fears, dreams and anger to formulate a commentary on contemporary issues. The act of painting is an incantation to cause something to happen

Living now out in the country, in Vankleek Hill where Scots first settled I feel very much at home and surrounded by the Celtic myths as I did when as a child in Hudson. Kanehsatake (Oka) was just across the river and as we searched the shores looking for arrowheads and pottery shards, my game warden Father would tell me stories of the Mohawks and the Iroquois nation. Later living in Jamaica from my friends I would hear West Indian stories, history and legends. I am intrigued with the universality of myth and legend.

Olaf Schneider

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Olaf’s first artistic influence was his grandfather, Hurbert Schult. He worked at Porsche in Stutgartt Germany, designing the 911 series. He inspired Olaf with his oil paintings at a very early age, allowing Olaf to experiment with acrylics. While painting large scale billboards in 1986 for Mediacom (currently Outfront Media), Olaf acquired a strong practical foundation that would become integral to his work today. He studied at the Ontario College of Art and Sheridan College and is greatly inspired by his mentors Ron Greig and Norman Rockwell.

For Olaf, each piece represents an intense exploration and refinement of his personal pictorial sensitivities, especially as they relate to beauty, form, light, and shade. Composition, color, and craftsmanship are all elements that become the building blocks of his work. Olaf is a prolific painter who is inspired by the power and diversity of the northern landscape, and anything that needs a “second look.”  An explorer by nature, he travels across North America and Europe to gain inspiration.

“Each dab I make is stimulated by the details that I observe. I hope to see what others miss and then make it compelling. I push and alter the colors to suit my ravenous needs and I love to improvise on the spot.” — Olaf.