Kim Ratcliffe-Doe

By January 4, 2024 No Comments

This Ottawa-based Mixed Media artist is best known for her industrial, rustic style. She incorporates metal, burlap, random found objects and retro images from old magazines into her work using pastes and compounds. Her interest in art started with, yes, Bob Ross. Then, she took her first painting class with Jo-Anne Cote, not knowing the hobby would become a huge part of her life. The ancient architecture she found on a tour of Europe spurred her passion for decaying walls and integrates as much of that ambience into many of her pieces. She will embed almost anything, maybe just a phrase, hoping to bring a pleasant surprise to the viewer. She has worked under mentors, Christina Lovisa and Amanda Pearce and also gets inspiration from Carola Kastman and Gerardo Labarca. Most of her work has been in acrylics but has done some oils and Encaustic and she is eager to create more of them.