John Alexander Day

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“Plain Air” painting has been the main source of inspiration for all of John’s artwork. Whether the subject matter has been in the streets or in the countryside, John has always sought to capture the atmosphere of each location. Whether he paints in North America or Europe, or closer to home, he always seeks to leave the viewer with a sense of place. Witnessing nature first hand, and working right there, gives him a certain freedom to paint without any pre-conceived notions. In this way he is not bound by the formulas that can easily creep into one’s work.


John is drawn to capturing a particular light or atmosphere. An overcast or sunny day, the changing light effects, the the sound of the ocean spray against rock or the quiet waters of a lake or river, keep him motivated. In his own way, John hopes to continue the tradition of making the viewer look again at what might be an ordinary scene, transformed through light and atmosphere. Often times, weather will dictate how John will pack for a trip outdoors, the winter, or on very windy conditions and so he prefers to work on a smaller scale.